This is the time and place in cyberspace where you can find Hardin’s performance offerings. The seven shows listed here are his solo presentations that combine a variety of unusual theatrical techniques in different contexts for specific audiences. Family and children oriented, these shows delight audiences of all ages. No matter which you choose, you will experience the full force of Hardin’s imagination and energy.


The Captain Rainbow Imagination Show
A space age vaudeville reue interweaving juggling, fire, color, illusion, dance, and mime into a visually unique presentation. The audience gets into the fun as they help the Captain construct the Great Balloonalaphagus. (K-5)

ABC the ARTS (with Professor Letterhead
A roller coaster ride through the Arts Alphabet with the wacky Professor Letterhead who calls upon the audience members for their ideas throughout the show. The Arts from A to Z come alive as the students help the Professor act out brief sketches on stage. (K-5)

An eclectic mix of mime, dance, and clowning with an emphasis on comedy and audience participation. Such pieces as Hat & Coat, the Lawrence Welk Show, and the Ballet Gourmet are combined with skillful mask work and humorous prop manipulation for a one of a kind event. (sixth grade-college)

This charming character was created by Hardin for the lead role in the video “ALL ABOARD!”. Whistlestop Willie is a Train Conductor who sings songs with the audience and involves them in a variety of tricks on stage. The finale has all the kids involved in making “music” as Whistlestop plays harmonica and gets his Grandpa (Limberjack) dancing.

This nutty doctor checks funnybones and bellybuttons to see if they are in good working order. He juggles big bones, makes “Mr. Bones” the Skeleton talk and spins the beach ball on their fingers. He then quizzes the kids on their knowledge of the human body and what it takes to keep it healthy, giving balloon creations for “correct” answers.

BANANA CLAUS & the Crazy Holiday Show
This is one of Hardin’s most original and favorite characters who portrays Santa’s lovable but confused “son”. Banana Claus arrives on the scene in a noisy calamity of fun and proceeds with lots of audience interaction to reveal a timeless message of the holiday season.

This 25 min. streamlined version of everyone’s Holiday favorite features Hardin playing three different characters: Drosselmeyer, Nutcracker Soldier and Golden Party Juggler. He is accompanied by a beautiful Ballerina with whom he dances. During the finale children are invited onstage for follow the leader fun and candy canes for all.

(NOTE : Hardin has been a guest artist with the Charlotte Youth Ballet in the role of Herr Drosselmeyer annually for 20 years and is available to perform this character.)

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